“Big Tom” Smathers
Owner of Abo’s Pizza, North Boulder


Big Tom Smathers is the esteemed owner of Abo’s Pizza North Boulder, located in the vibrant community of Boulder, Colorado. With an unwavering passion for pizza and a dedication to serving his community, Big Tom has become a beloved figure in the local culinary scene.

Big Tom’s journey with Abo’s Pizza is a testament to his commitment and perseverance. Remarkably, he embarked on this path at the young age of 15, igniting his passion for pizza-making and customer service. Over the years, he honed his skills, mastering the art of crafting delicious pies and fostering a warm, inviting atmosphere for patrons.

In August of 2024, Big Tom will proudly celebrate an extraordinary milestone: 40 years with Abo’s Pizza. Throughout his four-decade tenure, he has exemplified leadership, integrity, and a genuine love for his craft. His enduring dedication to Abo’s Pizza and the Boulder community has left an indelible mark on both customers and colleagues alike.

Beyond his role as a pizzeria owner, Big Tom is known for his generous spirit and unwavering commitment to giving back. He actively supports local initiatives and charities, reflecting his deep-rooted belief in the importance of community engagement and social responsibility.

As Big Tom enters his fifth decade with Abo’s Pizza, he remains as passionate and driven as ever. His infectious enthusiasm, coupled with his culinary expertise, continues to delight pizza lovers and foster a sense of belonging at Abo’s Pizza North Boulder.

In celebrating 40 remarkable years, Big Tom Smathers stands as a true pillar of the Boulder community and a shining example of dedication, perseverance, and the pursuit of culinary excellence.

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“I have known Big Tom for almost 27 years, and he is one of my favorite people. He has a huge heart, is very funny, and always has a smile on his face. He does some amazing work, such as ensuring that first responders are fed during times of catastrophe and providing care to abandoned and feral cats. He even goes the extra mile by sterilizing them to prevent the already expanding population of stray cats on the streets from growing further. He is a great person and an even better friend. And he makes excellent pizza!”

~ Jill Reitsma